The Anomalous Dr Vibes – Version 0.8.5

The story is about a young entrepreneur mysteriously transported into another dimension, similar but not the same as the one he left. The game begins having to build relationships in this new world and starting to generate an income. Can he survive and prosper in this new world? Can he find out what the hell is going on and why some evil bastard has stolen him away from his old life?‚Äč


IMAGES 3300 (143 new)
VIDEOS 155 (12 new)
Cara Photoshoot and setup scenes added
Fixes issues with Lucie Air-Horn Revenge and Juno Photoshoot triggering early
Fixes some display issues with Character Cards and Web Site on the PC
Various writing improvements and some image updates throughout the game

One thought on “The Anomalous Dr Vibes – Version 0.8.5

  1. There are several missions I don’t seem to be able to finish.
    Early in the game you talk to Quinn and shes playing a game on her computer, the 2nd time you talk to her while she is playing you get the option to play the game with her but you have to buy a graphic card. I have bought that but the mission still says “Set up highgrim on the PC”. I never get the option to do so, it’s not like I can buy the game from the store or from the computer. So this mission from early on I can never finish.
    I also have a mission named “Visit Helana at night” which I have done a million times, but at the end she always say that I should visit her with less clothes on but I have no option to take clothes off and there is no clothes store on the map.
    Although you magically appeared in a clothes store for one mission buying bikinies.
    I also have a mission saying “Improve your stamina” I’ve improved my stamina to a level where the game says I can’t get any higher in this version.

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