Farmer’s Dreams – Release 12

In a fantasy world that combines medieval and modern elements, you are just a regular not-so-good farmer, but after a big storm that devastates your peaceful village, can you be the hero it needs? Rebuilding your father’s farm will be harder than you think, specially with all the monsters and thieves walking around now, so grab a sword and… oh, wait, you don’t know how to fight!

Build relationships, seduce and have sex with 12+ woman plus have sexual encounters with several characters!

Story focused game with lots of player choices that will change the course of the main story and how you relate with the other characters.

Lots of 3D erotic images plus some animated 3D sex scenes!

Build your farm the way you want – construct and decorate your home, collect materials, plant seeds and trees and much more!

RPG-like mechanics based in player choices and character progression.


[bugfix]Derek giving shovel instead of furnace recipe*
[bugfix] Derek bomb quest not completing/updating 
[bugfix] Derek not taking the Black Powder
[bugfix] Vincent’s departure failing to start sometimes 
[bugfix] Tools rotation not working properly 
[bugfix] Mia accepting infinite gifts
[bugfix] Laura not accepting gifts
[bugfix] Black screen after spying on Amanda
[bugfix] Getting one of Elise’s scene instead of Amanda and Sophie when using the cheat crystal
[bugfix] Getting another Bow from Aaron when killing the squirrel and not taking the meat
[bugfix] Esc opening the shop instead of exiting the conversation with laura
[bugfix] Conversation with Sam before the PUB party not advancing the Mia+Sam path depending on your choices
[bugfix] Amanda sneak scene starting instead of a scene with Elise depending on the time of the day you start it
[bugfix] Improved and fixed some dialogues 
[new] Press Shift to hide the message window whenever you want (doesn’t hide the name window yet)
[new] ‘Infinite’ crops balanced. Since you don’t need to water crops once they are fully grown, crops that would stay alive forever now die after you harvest them enough. You can harvest them for the amount of times equal your Farming skill level + 1, with different limits for each crop (corn = you can harvest the same crop for 7 times max, tomato & cucumber = 6, bell pepper & eggplant = 5)
[new] The squirrel from the hunter quest can’t run away from the map anymore
*If you have received the shovel already, keep it in your inventory and go to your farm (if you’re in it already, leave and enter again), the shovel will disappear and you’ll get the recipe instead. If you tossed the shovel away then 

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  1. crashed when trying to read /audio/bgm/Dungeon1 (2) … , which doesnt exist – no such file. There is only Dungeon2 there ?!

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