Ring of Lust – Version 0.2.4a


“Ring of Lust” is an adult adventure where you play for Bill, a young man that moved to the house of your father’s new wife. The game centered around the establishment of relationships with new family members. One day Bill gets a magical ring and everything was turning round.​


– Lilly’s path continued
– Beth’s path continued
– New scene with Jilia
– Reworked galery
– Various bugfixes and improvements

10 thoughts on “Ring of Lust – Version 0.2.4a

    1. 0.6 update already on patron some one just to get from there and upload it here

  1. new verions. huge bug. i fucked the libarian and the aunt after fixing tv. now it stay on monday. no daytime i cant get back into the house. only use the libary aunts house and the neighbour. pls fix it asap

  2. new vwrsion? i dont see ny changes. still the same broing clicks and i can only get susan to suck my cock. no sex at all nothing we the others…. do better please

  3. qwould be nic if the creator gives some infos what is new in the updates. otherwise it is just downloading and i get bored because i see only one new scene or so

  4. I cannot give Beth Math lectures… No Access to my stepsisters room, no Signal from Stellas cam… My skills are maxed out… any hints?

  5. Any improvements in the dialogue? It was pretty unreadable in the last version I downloaded so I stopped playing what looks to be an interesting game.

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