Research into Affection – 0.6.8

You always wanted to get into game development, however, all the big companies wanted you to have several years of experience under your belt before they’d even consider hiring you.
You came across a website called Patreon and realized there was a big niche for erotic games.
You decide to try your hand at making one of these erotic games but to make the game more realistic you plan to corrupt the people closes to you in order to put your own experiences into the game.​

16 thoughts on “Research into Affection – 0.6.8

  1. when will there be added more corruption levels? and i must admit i hope those corruption levels go in a direction of the family becoming very comfortable being completely nude around each other, to maybe even having a dedicated day of the of the week, where they are all just naked the entire day, with various stuff happening between them (like taking a bath all 3 together, using the pool all 3, getting less and less shy/concerned about being touched in front of the 3rd person, and the girls getting less concerned about being caught by mother/daughter masturbating on the movie nights including mom/daughter actually catching each other doing it, and become more open about it and accept it, and eventually “convince” the player to join them.

    ohh there is so many ways this game can evolve and i’m looking forward to it, can you tell?? 😀
    also curious about the Zoe character and possibly pattie/patricia character how that story will evolve, and if my above nudist thing playes out, if they would be freaked out about the “player” revealing he is a nudist with his family, or if they would become curious and ask to maybe join once in a while ( for the nudist part, not the family sex part, or well maybe later, if pattie makes good friends with Sis)

    ohh like i said, so many ways this game can evolve, and looking very forward to it, and of course be backing it via Patreon
    if you like something, you have to support it, guess its the only way i can help it get created, and as you can tell i have lots of ideas, just no skills in how to make a game of this caliber.
    (but i guess the creator of the game, can se my email address, and if he or she wants to hear some ideas, he or she is most welcome to write to me)

  2. Bug in the game since 0.6.2
    Scene with grandma. ? Game stopped, no progress.
    Mom says:
    OH! It´s my
    Hint: Grand
    Problem not solved yet.

    1. There is no bug you should write on the keyboard “other” so the word will be GrandMother and then press enter that’s it.

      Great Game but we need an update and more corruption level.

    1. You’ll have to wait for the next update. Level 6 it’s even completely done yet

  3. How to trigger cosplay and lingerie with mom and sis?
    Something missing? No idea!

  4. Cosplay + Lingerie finished once. No progress.
    What´s wrong?

  5. why is the download split into 3 parts . how do you put it together after extracting??????? why do this

  6. Not going to lie, this game hit the nail right in the head. Definitely looking forward to more updates on it. Never have gone hours and hours without finishing just to get to a scene where some risqué/taboo stuff happens a little on the naughtier side just to completely explode. Great work. Will most likely be supporting.

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