Reluctant Archon – Chapter 4 Complete

People don’t see the world as it is, they pry to deities hoping for a better life. But don’t realize that same deity is sleeping with their neighbor’s wife or having a drink in the bar across the street. Others like to study the creatures of mythology, not knowing their probably sitting beside one on the bus home. You play the youngest member of the Ashall Family, a family with a long bloodline of Sorcerers, and Spellweavers. Always kept locked away from the outside world it was made clear your father had a plan for you, how/who/what you’d be, however the rebellious little shit you were never really did what he wanted. And after an event that left hostility between you and your father, you left it all and stepped into that world of deities, humans and myths hiding in plain sight.​

2 thoughts on “Reluctant Archon – Chapter 4 Complete

  1. its a great storyline. liked the idea and your efforts to the game. maybe some more videos, but i guess that would explode the size of the game. please continue the work and give us the nex chaper soon.. WELLLLLLL DONNNNNEEEEE

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