Personal Trainer – Version 0.75bv2

Personal Trainer is a story about a guy who lost it all (job, home, fiance) after a life of doing good for others. He found alcohol, of course, to be the answer. Lucky his cousin Sophie offered her couch until he gets back on his feet. As fate would have it, an exciting opportunity presented itself.

3 thoughts on “Personal Trainer – Version 0.75bv2

  1. I cannot belive that someone may thouth this storyline is good! The graphics are good indeed and I like games with option to choose where to go (maps), but this storyline SUCKS! How, for fuck’s sake, a supposed gay personal trainer licking and fingering a female client in the middle of a gym (in the second day of his work) could be “a good storyline”. It’s just ridiculous! I know it’s a porn game but a good construction of a sex scene give an especial conqueror feeling.

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