My Virgin Bride – Version 0.1

Remember your crush from High School? Well, she needs some immigration help. Specifically, she needs you to marry her–but not a “real” marriage! Just a paper marriage until her citizenship is granted. But this is the chance you’ve always wanted! Can you succeed in getting her to have the same feelings for you that you’ve always secretly had for her? Or will things go wildly, horribly, terribly, but erotically wrong?

2 thoughts on “My Virgin Bride – Version 0.1

  1. I’m pretty sure this has the exact same female protangonist model, with basically the same plot, with the abandoned Wifey’s Dilemma. i refuse to believe the games aren’t made by the same devs.

    1. The Dev writes that this was inspired by, and is a “tribute” to Wifey’s Dilema. Okay, I don’t mind somneone trying to improve on a shit game, but has he really succeeded?

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