My Family Tree – Version 0.4

After death of father, young man (player) must to return to house of his mother, where shy live with his sister and stepsister. One night, he notice something strange in the mirror of mother. In the reflection of mirror sees young man… a vampire!

When they saw each other, the vampire is transferred to the world of main character.

Turns out that the vampire, to survive need to drink only milk… breast milk.

Can you resist the mother’s milk?

Version 0.4 Changelog:

+ pass time scene (living room)
+ Mom with Teddy bear
+ updated keyhole (locked room)
+ morning milk quest (milk for Mom)
+ sleep scene
+ peep sister during change clothes

+ new day/night cycle
+ week cycle
+ you can now check day of the week in right top corner
+ you can now check time of day in right top corner
+ new location Crystal City Center (work in progress till v 0.4.5)
+ new location Dream Island +++ (at park)
+ Mine of Beggar is back
+ many other improvements (mechanic)

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