Max’s Photography Studio – Version 0.0.2

About the Game. Max, being sent away to a military boarding school at a young age, is finally returning home. Now 19 years old and unsure of what to do with his life, he meets a beautiful woman on the plane back to the states. For some odd reason, the attractive woman now a retired supermodel turned agent, takes a strong liking to the young Max, and helps him with a notion of becoming a fashion photographer for department store online catalogs. With her help, it sets him out on a journey of collecting gorgeous amateur models for his new photography business portfolio. Shortly into his journey, he reunites with an old childhood friend, and for her reasons, suggests using the models in a much different way. Now Max has to decide to either run a legit company (Love Path) or follow the more questionable seedy pornographer path (Corruption path), but he could secretly use both to gain his riches and fame.​

5 thoughts on “Max’s Photography Studio – Version 0.0.2

  1. OK, I have gotten through the basics of the intro and everything. Now there seems to be no way to leave the house to buy the camera or meet the other characters at the park. The map is not responsive.

  2. Yep, same here … I hope the dev is reading this.

    And before anyone asks, yes, I did get the key out of the topdrawer in the livingroom and did even get the 3 extra coins for transportation. I have a feeling the door in the laundryroom should be clickable to exit, but it is unresponsive. Also the map on my phone stays unclickable and even when I have the forementioned key, my inventory keeps stating that ‘this is were I would keep my inventory’ but it doesn’t show my actual inventory (which should be a key)

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