Life – Version 0.14.09

Life is about Mark living his day to day life.‚Äč


Resolve an issue with the optional scene.

10 thoughts on “Life – Version 0.14.09

  1. This game gets boring fast, you have do to the same things over, and over, and over to rise the stats… and the time passes and you go to nowhere, and some of those things stops of rising stats later for no reason… I think the mother is not availeble in this version yet, i did not see her until now, only the sister, two of her friends and a teacher. To much time just to see the sister in her panties while cooking, about a Fu… hour of game later.

  2. I love this game the story is not typical. and also a little romance and shame on it made it much better.
    please update it faster

  3. Where do you find power supply for mom’s laptop. Story drags on to long. Repeating same things over and over.

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