iNSight of you – Version 0.5b

The plot and main theme revolves around subtle body’s functions alterations , female orgasm control and denial.
Game is in development!
Main story follows the life of Sam, a simple guy within mafia circle, who gained access to highly-experimental tech.
Most functions are unknown, and he, with the help of lively redhead Esther, will try to figure them out.
How? Using it on women around him, of course!
Duh…it’s a porn game!


Animations count from ~810 to ~1180
Maya’s harem route now has its own game-play: with stats, progression and a lot of new animations
Big BDSM event with Gloria
Girls now have several outfits in the harem route, once you unlock them: normal, kinky, slutty
You can now let girls work at the Club as waitresses, some events for Maya’s slut path there too
Maya’s slut route a little bit extended
Added quick-button to Deal with Gloria
Added passive Esther’s working points generation
Fixed some calculations
Something else

2 thoughts on “iNSight of you – Version 0.5b

  1. Well…I played this game and I first have to say it is a GRIND fest! At some point a general walk through is needed, yet the only way to get one apparently is spend $10 and join patreon. So, guess what? If you don’t want to pay, you will be stuck in the dark and will cause your game to turn useless as there will be parts missing yet you will be quite a ways in to the story. If the dev would make the walk through and cheats free…the sky wouldn’t be the limit! At this point, I am sick of playing this worthless game. Tons of sex with the same chick…

  2. i love this game keep up the good work.
    there are several stages and its allways hinted what to do next

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