Gates Motel – Version 0.55 – Update

You play as 18 y.o. guy. You have been adopted by Gates family 9 years ago. You start in the car, driving you somewhere far away to start a new life and business. There are 4 more people going with you. Mrs. Gates and her three children. This part is only an introduction, but you will have some quality time with them.

7 thoughts on “Gates Motel – Version 0.55 – Update

  1. Great Game cant wait for more not many games that got a sexy sissy to play with

  2. Damn, I was hoping the game would somewhat be connected to the show Bates Motel, and was really hoping the models would also be based on the show.

  3. The text is unbearable regarding quantity and quality. Like the guy has never even talked to a woman in his entire life. Pacing is incredibly bad as well.

  4. a fucking game, or the guy who made this game must have mental problems, had everything to make a story and scenes and excellent characters and made a fucking game, terrible, worse than I ever played.

  5. I’m not sure what game other people are playing, but I love how this game is progressing .. I’m looking forward to more .. I hope P_S_Y_C_H_O keeps going. I am supporting him on Patreon, so that will hopefully help.

  6. Dev claims to have fixed the issue with pics being way too dark, but they still are. No point to a “visual” novel if the only “visual” is an almost black screen.

  7. first pics waaaaay to dark
    but love that there’s a descent TS & LOVE the hairy bush!

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