Corruption – Version 2.15

Hi~ I am Mr.C. I’m making an adult game. Now, I’m working on a game except for my business time. If everyone has a lot of support to me, I will be able to invest more time in game production. I want you to try the public version and invest in my potential.

Unfortunately, I am not an English speaking country, so translation may be a little strange. Please understand it. (all info I could get)


-Mrs. Robinson new greeting scene
– Mrs. Robinson new blow-job scene
– Emma and Grace new greeting scene
– Emma and Grace new blow-job scene
– Sophia slave ceremony scene
– Slave Sophia beach event scene in private room
– Slave Sophia and Mrs. Robinson family scene in Sophia’s house
– Fast-food fat mom new scene
– Fast-food fat daughter scene
– New level scene at the coffee shop
– Casino new level scene
– Sex scene in casino with three rich women
– Computer password: 1546

40 thoughts on “Corruption – Version 2.15

  1. at church… maria and new date scene…
    at store… the girl go help her first… and date her later…

  2. How can I become a teacher? I corrupted Mrs. Simpson but I still can’t talk to the principal to become a teacher.

    1. surf the internet on your computer in your room and you’ll find an ad for a teacher position

  3. hello , i can’t launch the game in with the 1.20 but i can with the olders anyone has a suggestion ?

  4. Is this the pc version for the same game on android,? Is there any difference between apk ver and pc ver?

    1. top of the screen next to the phone is a note book icon click it to see a small list of the women and the levels but mostly its 3 potions to go up one level

  5. I’m actually interested in fixing English grammar for these games for free. Let me know if you’re interested.

      1. for real where is this slut she is part of this huge update ad i cant find her anywhere i even turned all the women i like into worthless slaves to see if that is how you find sophia and nothing where the fuck is she

        1. you have to go to the living room and ask Jenny about her mother then Jenny takes you. After that you start to find Sophia in the other town apart.

      2. After making Jenny and Nicole your salves go to they living room them you will find them both and it will show a text like this go to Grandmahouse ( Sophia) press it then you will go to her house

  6. This game is seriously glitched, the characters don’t show up in different areas of the houses they just greet you.its impossible to advance to anything

  7. Why does some developers think that these moronic huge boobs are something that we want?
    It looks totally retarded.

  8. Please, in the next update, you can fuck everybody on the playground (moms and daughters)?????

  9. Lots of great stuff in this game. Sure, some characters have some disproportionate body parts but hey, I’m sure someone somewhere is into that. The latest release has a decent amount of content that will keep you busy (then again I use cheats on almost every game on this site for unlimited gold and other items).

  10. Complaint/question.

    First I will point out that I played the version that was still 1.0. Though I have played a little of this one I mainly checked out the hospital and school.

    My issue is what essentially comes off as false advertising unless I missed something. In the intro you’re told that you’ll be making anyone you give the potions to yours. They’ll be obedient to only you and so on. The girls/women themselves say they belong solely to you.

    Yet I’ve got the sister telling me about how she enjoys all the guys at school grabbing all over her. I’m being told that to make them slaves I have to send them to that underground place. In which I’m told you can sleep with other people’s slaves.

    At which you give your girls over to be trained without you and they meet you with piercings and now hang out there without you with other men all around.

    Several of them who you have or they go out and show off to public possibly doing more with customers or whatever when not around. Nurses who you directly drugged telling you they service any patients who come in.

    I assume in the intro your semen is a requirement for the specific potions to link them to you and again you’re told they’ll be loyal to you. Yet that’s not the case at all.

    It’s not even played off as a trick because the MC not only doesnt have an issue since he doesnt complain but comments he enjoys it all.

    It’s one thing if optional. Another if you can stop it. Like getting several girls up to a certain corruption and collecting 10 potions. Then having them hold the woman from the intro down as you force feed her all 10 potions to guarentee shes now bound to you. That way you control the priestess and source guaranteeing loyalty of all your women throughout the game.

    Just obtaining the unowned slave that welcomes you and having her do it sneakily one at a time seems like it would fail against the priestess and lead to a more unpleasant route.

    But no.. told it’s one way and it’s not and you dont have a choice to keep them to you alone except to not play.

  11. How can i enslave the aunt?
    I reach her corrupt level to 300, but i cannot enslave her

  12. *sigh* …
    …. yawn…

    Yet another inflated mammary game. Unrealistic and sad.

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