Conquered Hearts – Version 0.4

Conquered Hearts is a parody NSFW-version game of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ franchise with a darker, perverted plotline, playable as a high-quality point-and-click adventure game.‚Äč


DEV NOTE: Regarding the Alice artwork. We understand that there are many who aren’t happy with the redesign. This will be ‘fixed’ eventually, however, our priority is to build out more content. For details, feel free to read the many posts on our Patreon page, or ask in the Discord chat.
Evidence 4 & 5 now obtainable
Introduction to Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Blindfolded Erotic Scene
Mad Hatter Sex Scene
Queen of Hearts Sex Scene
Updated some dialogue with Alice
Added 0.6 seconds to Cake-making minigame
Added a ‘skip to new content’ feature

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