Captain Lance – Version 0.60

You play as Sarah Lance (first name is chosen) who just graduated from a university in the Year 2476. Humanity discovered the stars with the help
of a discovery long time ago. Humanity is now divided into races who needs your help now more than ever.
This galaxy withholds dangers and mysteries to solve but also romance and wonders to see…​


ADDED: Linette 1, 2, 3 ; Hannah 1, 2 ; Mum 1, 2 ; Ana 3, 4, Dinner Date ; Vivienn 1, 2 ;
ADDED: Heromian Noble’s Ball, Arlyan Curse Quest Series 1, Meeting with Phoebe & Lily, Talk with Brigitte & Queen Miriam,
Black Regiment Campaign 1,2
ADDED: Main Story: Genea Explain, Main Story: Blood Mars Council
ADDED: A face 2 face conversation with someone (available at ship interface)
FIXED: Lots of conditionals, expect trouble

3 thoughts on “Captain Lance – Version 0.60

  1. Why is the main characters name the same exact name as a character from the TV shows Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow?

  2. The Story is very confusing tbh and the MC looks like a scuffed Michael Jackson with boobs whats a bit of a fap down from my side.

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