Apocalypse – Version 0.3.2

You play as a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung hero who survived the nuclear apocalypse. After joining the Resistance compound “Eden”, your task is to build a harem, increase your skills, fulfill missions assigned to you and explore the surrounding lands, with the ultimate aim of avenging your family by removing President-for-Life Trumpf from power. The future of humanity is in your coc… err…. hands!​


* One new date with Ruby
* One new harem girl (Ruby obviously…)
* Ivanka pics redone
* Player can become a member of the NRANRA
* Player can acquire faction nicknames (Trumpsters and Road Warriors available so far, the Trumpsters nickname can only be acquired during the posing session with Barbara at this stage…)

4 thoughts on “Apocalypse – Version 0.3.2

  1. There is a bug when paying upkeep for yor harem, the game gets stuck on the harem list panel, without anything to click and impossible to play. If you dismiss a girl, it proceeds normally. (Tested with a single girl, not sure if more makes difference.)

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