Alison Fall of the Apple – Version 0.6.5

The game takes place in New York (Heavily corrupt – Fictional NYC). The game is about corruption, lust, prostitution and much more. It is story driven. It’s mainly about two people. A man named Michael who through a random event in his daily life ends up rescuing a girl named Alison, who turns out to be a lot more important than some random girl.​


Long awaited update to the Harem route
Over 300 new renders and 10+animations

7 thoughts on “Alison Fall of the Apple – Version 0.6.5

      1. Using latest version of winrar
        Archive corrupt.
        Don’t make such dumb assumptions about people using outdated software.

  1. Do saves from previous version work with v0.3.2, or do I have to replay the game from the beginning?

  2. the description is for lust hero and not this game (just a quick fyi)

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