A House In The Rift – Version 0.4.11r1

You were chilling in the park on one of those lazy summer days when you became a victim of reckless science. Now you’re stuck in a house floating in nothingness. It would be a very, very boring story, but luckily, there are some girls to keep you company!


New Lyriel’s event
New Lyriel’s occupation and repeatable activity – 7 mini-events with one mini-lewd
New animated lewd for Lyriel
Updated TV watching repeatable for Rae – 9 mini-events (some are very cute)
Ability to change MC’s name
New sprite engine (only for Lyriel in this release)

One thought on “A House In The Rift – Version 0.4.11r1

  1. The updated version says 4.10r1 but the download link is for version 4.7r3.

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