The Way – Version 0.17a + Incest Patch

You 17 years old student, live with your stepmother and stepsister in a flat in town. Manage your Life.‚Äč


The update contains only the continuation of the 3rd branch.
Images: 310
Animations: 5
Text: About 9000 Words.

4 thoughts on “The Way – Version 0.17a + Incest Patch

  1. Looks like more a “mouse click movie” than a game, very few choices to make, the player dont control the narrative of the game how should do, i dont liked it…

      1. When you go to the area where the books that thanks the patrons in your room, when you click the one on the right, during the dialogue you can click items, its on the top right hand corner and it say “Keys”

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