Vikings Daughter – Version 1.8.0

A village lies abandoned, its people either killed or taken by a rival clan! You, a smith’s son visiting to deliver some weapons, are roped into getting them back by the chief’s beautiful daughter. Explore the land, become a renowned warrior and find plenty of women to take to your bed along the way!

Viking’s Daughter is an adult RPG with beautiful 3D graphics set in the time of the Vikings.

Changelog 1.8.0:

Dalla – new character.
Added clothes, hair and genitals.
Optimization of Dalla’s clothes and hair for better performance.
New female idle animation (for Dalla).
Building Elf Home, which is the place where you will meet Dalla.
Added new models inside Elf Home.
Added camera effects and improved the lighting.
Added introduction dialogues for Dalla, which respawn the player.
Added wolf, which has 80+ animations.
The wolf has multiple states – combat, angry, chase, hide, idle, hit, death, respawn.
The combat state includes 3 combat animations – run attack and 2 normal attacks, that are played randomly.
The wolf can attack you from a close distance, if for some reason it cannot reach you, for example if you are on top of a rock or very close to a tree (to avoid clipping), the wolf will run away, but you will still be in combat, because you are in it’s zone. It will wait for a couple of seconds and try to reach you again, during this time it won’t regenerate it’s health. In case the wolf can reach you, it will chase you and continue with the attacks.
The wolf can switch to another running animation while in combat, in case you are very far away from it.
The wolf has a 30% chance for a combo attack.
The wolf has a 25% chance to deal crit damage which is almost double the amount of it’s normal damage.
The wolf has a 85% chance to attack you instantly when it reaches you. If you’re lucky then it will try to play a normal attack animation, which could be easily missed if you move backwards. The run attack is much harder to miss.
The wolf will return to it’s initial position if it’s too far away from it and regenerate it’s health.
The minimum damage is 12, the max is 17. The minimum crit damage is 20 and the max is 30. The player’s health starts at 100.
The wolf automatically chases you, if you leave it’s attack distance, which is 4 meters.
The wolf rotates to face the player when in combat, we will replace this with a turn animation in the future.
The wolf will return to it’s initial position if it’s target is dead and there aren’t any targets nearby.
Added blood effects when the player gets hit.
Added player’s health counter.
Added health bar UI.
Added health regeneration. The health will only regenerate when you are not in combat. It currently regenerates 2% of your health every 2.5 seconds.
Added flowers, more vegetation and added snow textures to the tree on top of the mountain.
The animals automatically switch to their state, when they feel in danger – aggressive animals like the wolves will chase the player and attack while coward animals like the deer will flee.
The player finds the closest respawn point, it’s currently only one, but in the future when we have a bigger terrain, we will add multiple respawn locations.
Reworked the whole navigation system, now we are using something faster and more accurate than the Unity’s default tools. It is also more flexible and allows us to bake the terrains for navigation in case we are loading them at runtime.
Added a feature that restricts the area where the AI could walk. The wild animals won’t be able to chase the player inside a village or get near the ocean. In the future, if we have animals in the ocean they also won’t be able to follow the player to the beach / forest.
Game optimization, which includes replacing some of the tree models with a faster and better looking models, disabling the animals that could not be seen on screen at the moment.
Increased the vegetation’s LOD distance, you will get better performance, but the trees quality will be lower from a big distance (it’s usually not noticeable).
We also made it possible to save the game in every single scene, so you could be in Elf Home and save the game then after you load it, you should be able to continue with all of your quests.
Fixed a bug where the wolf was able to push the player while attacking, which could result in being able to fall from the map.
Fixed Hilde’s hair so it’s no longer transparent if it’s viewed from her right side.
Fixed a bug where the map was not rendered on top of the health bar.
Modified the scripts for loading the saves to make the code more clean and easier to work with.
We also spent a good amount of time working on our website –
Blood hit effects added when you hit an animal.
Optimized the blood effect for better performance.
The wolf’s attack animation cancels the hit animation, so it won’t get stuck in a hit-loop.
Fixed a bug where during the reverse cowgirl scene Alvilda’s arms were flickering if you look up.
Fixed a bug where Alvilda keeps resetting her dialogues to day 2 even if you are on day 3.

One thought on “Vikings Daughter – Version 1.8.0

  1. I simply love your game, and are looking forward to seing alot more of your development.
    This game has potential to be huge, add more quests and more options to take tings and use them, i love that Alvilda is so eager to “Reward” our hero, but i still need more “Ordenary” things to do, more hunting, perhaps some farming.
    Ive been playing it all afternoon, and allmost got sad when it ended.

    I really need more of this game, a lot more, please dont stop! This is what i have been waiting for, for years!

    Best of luck guys.

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