The Twist – Version 0.24 Final & Walkthrough

It’s a choice-based dating sim/visual novel game. The game is real-time 3d (not rendered images), most scenes you can freely orbit around and see the action at the angle you like.

Changelog 0.24 Final:

-Fixed Janice tan lines/pubic trim issue at the night TV scene.

-Janice now wears different outfits during the night TV scene, if she has high enough “outfit score”.

-UI fixed at hospital lobby location.

-Several dialog grammar / wrong naming fixes.

-“Tasks journal” updated.


24 thoughts on “The Twist – Version 0.24 Final & Walkthrough

  1. not working well bugs at school shady guy not asking abut car go to lazzers studio get job black srceen no go anywhere billy mom not on log

  2. this one has bugs well wait for 14b bugfix go shady guy not talk about car therefor no supplies no carjack no flashlight no meet billy mom

  3. this one has bugs well wait for 14b bugfix go shady guy not talk about car therefor no supplies no carjack no flashlight no meet billy mom just to inform you that i look on kst site waiting for 0.14 the twist final release to come out hope shady guy fixed

  4. well have the twist final shady guy shell not talking going to start again see if that help

  5. where is mom’s work out scene? need it to activate the cow dress. it wasnt in v0.13 either. help.

  6. This game is not working at all the walkthrough I think needs fixing because I know how to play step by step I follow instructions very well and I think the walkthrough is all screwed up.

  7. Hello to all

    i am a little confused. there are 2 Files to DL one is caled “TheTwist022Final.rar” and the other one is called “The_Twist_ndash_Version_0.22_Final.rar”
    What is the difference between and what is “ndash” meant to be? My language is not english, this is why i have to ask

    1. Hi strongi,

      The_Twist_ndash_Version_0.22_Final.rar version should be for Mac users.

      TheTwist022Final.rar is for Windows.

      Have a nice day

      1. Hi Ash,

        thank you for your answer, all clear now for me, i am a Windows user LOL 😉

  8. can some one say how to mate the Kira mission? What have i give to her?

  9. Hi, is it a completed game or even in development? Is it working slowly to someone or just for me?

  10. but there was a problem with the download link it is so slow its my lot of data.

  11. the twist update 22 mini game the mother keep waking up when she is with her husband any help pass it any help

  12. Is there no Windows Version for The Twist – Version 0.24 Final & Walkthrough ???

  13. Got the latest 0.24 version, and get to the shady dealer to buy the pills, however they never show up in my inventory, then when I go to break with the Pharmacist, she leaves for the bathroom, and…NOTHING! No options come up, there’s nothing to click and use to drug her, AND you can’t leave the location…anybody have a similar glitch and know how to fix it?

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