Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed

This is a Modded RPGMV Game to simulate a type of Visual Novel Exploration Corruption game.
Note : This is not your ordinary RPG Maker Game!
You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work.


– Loop when in Effie’s home and you don’t have her key;
– Disappearing icons for the apps;
– Skipping animations no longer freezes the game.

– Black screen when getting Effie’s number and 1st message (controls are still there, try to click the ‘Go to Map’ button on the right hand side of the screen);
– Repeating of transition, this appears to be so much work that I won’t fix it because it’s only temporarily.

3 thoughts on “Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed

  1. Hey i’ve played for 4 hours and I can’t unlock anymore content fom Shannon. I got her naked but i’m not able to get any ERO scenes when she’s at 400 Same with the twin girls

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