Deviant Discoveries – Version 0.19.1 + Walkthrough

You play a scientist/professor which has invented ways to alter the human body.

He sets out to test it on students at the school he currently works in, corrupting them in the process.


First of there’s the new character Harley:

She’s available from the start so it shouldn’t matter if you’re starting a new game or loading old saves.

As you might have noticed, the game was delayed a bit seeing as this update turned out to be quite more text heavy than I’ve done before, so as always I’m looking forward to hearing what you, my fans think of this version.


Three separate study scenes with her, you’ll be taken to the new one each time a different prerequisites has been met.
Four different tasks:

Her seducing you.
You encourage her to try and tease you.
She strips down for you.
You make her show off her pussy for you, with two different outcomes.
One discipline oriented:

I thought what would doing a goth girl be without the spanking? So I had to at least make one scene featuring that.
And finally a sex scene:

Technically there are two sex scenes, but seeing as the other scene has a different outcome some people wouldn’t count it. But the final scene for Harley at tier 1 is a footjob scene.
Other changes:

One other reason for the delay was that I wanted to find a better way to display the girl evaluations. Seeing as there was a lot of clicking in the older versions.
So now it’s just one button which will then display that girls parameters one after the other.


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