Nerd Adventure – Beta – Day 3 + CG

In Nerd Adventure, you play the role of a chemistry loving ‘nerd’, with your very own chemistry set, which you will use to make recipes that can be used to improve yourself, or your life as a whole ;). Your family consists of yourself, living with your single mother, and sister in a modern medium-sized house just outside of the city.

Day 3 – BETA

+ 135 new scene images
+ 7 new scenes
+ 3 new bonus images
+ 1 new bonus scene (coming post-beta)

2 thoughts on “Nerd Adventure – Beta – Day 3 + CG

  1. This game have a map with 2D graphics, where you have to walk around clicking or using the keyboard and etc… i really dont like these kind of a games…its BORING.

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