My Lovely Sara – Version 0.3

What is MLD about?
MLD simulate a type of “Visual Novel” and “Corruption”.
Im using: TyranoBuilder, Daz3D, Photoshop.​

Changelog 0.3:

Changed Name to “My Lovely Sara” to comply with Patreon Rules.

2 thoughts on “My Lovely Sara – Version 0.3

  1. why does it always freeze on Day 2 when he wakes up? can’t really do anything after his first dialogue…. 😛

    1. I noticed the same thing too. I thought maybe there was a hotspot I was supposed to click or something that I needed to do to get passed “(I should go have breakfast and then meet with Sara)”. But I couldn’t do anything.

      Was that as far as you could progress until the next update?

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