Main Seduction – Version 1.0 – Update

Hello, everyone, My name is Tremmi, i would like to present to you my project. It is visual novel “Mother seduction”. This is story about teenager and his mother. This is story about complicated relationship, about hidden desires and lustful characters. Follow me on the story path to reveal the history of the family of the main character)​

118 thoughts on “Main Seduction – Version 1.0 – Update

  1. Is there any help ?. I’m having the issue, can’t figure out the 4-digit password.

  2. I just did..Haha.. I cracked the passwords.. The character fucked his mom at the end

    1. hi, can you please tell me what four digit number the salon profit is?

      1. What’s the answer of the third question of Natalie?
        And what is the gyms password?
        Pls help

  3. Do you guys know when is the next update?
    Currently done, I got a chance to fuck the sis and got a BJ from the mom,

  4. Si alguien tiene el password de 6 letras para hackear la cuenta de Spider, le agradeceria mucho pudiera compartirla, de antemano GRACIAS

  5. WTF?? Son have 19 and Mother 37 – that mean he was born in her 18th…..and he has OLDER sister??

  6. does any one know natali last questions about the 1990s unusual fighters represented by art school?

  7. why when I go to the professor to reveal it and does not give me choices of options, just to call the police and the game ends. Please help

    1. The same here…and the game dont have a bar or another indicative (where’s the fu$%ing walkthrough?) to know if our answers are right or not (the “reaction” is a shit).. so i dont have any idea where is the mistake in my gameplay.. stupid move from the developer of the game. I’ve tried to return on earlier saves and play again trying to do other choices, but no luck so far…im quite disappointed with this game. And there’s those Fu$#%ing no sense passwords… i wont play this game anymore, dont worth the effort.

  8. does anyone know the answer to the math question between Natali and Zoe?

  9. Some Answer might help u..

    Nat Dinner
    Twerk – Kelly – Lucky coin

    B’day = Kelly
    Profit = 1900
    Zoe husband = Lucas

  10. When the event with Natali in the resturant is nearing end, there seems like the code has a serious typo. Haven’t bothered to unpack the python script. And I won’t bother everybody with a full log, just be warned that the spelling error in the python code will cause a crash in the game….

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    File “game/script.rpy”, line 24132, in script
    if trueanswer >= 5 or trunaswer + alcho_coc >=7:

    1. Just open script.rpy, search for trunaswer and change it to trueanswer and you can continue without game puking.

        1. The game has a lot of bugs and it just stops after the dream about Cassie’s blowjob.
          I have tried playing with different choices but no use.

  11. I can’t get past the mom in the flat after you see her on the dildo with the aunt. No matter what I can’t fuck here. Help?!

  12. Please………someone help me…this game end with natali’s last question, though hit the correct answers…did i miss something or the has end with it….please reply asap…thanks

  13. I had faith in this game,. It was promising.BUT
    This quize with Natalie again and again….I droped this one. I know that the author want to make this game special in a way, but it’s simple irrritating. It’s a damm erotic/sex game. I don’t want to think about culture quiz, doing math etc…It’s too much. It’s a pitty but i drop this one.

  14. Who was injured during the conflict between the Turks and the French (Battle of Gallipoli)? – 5 letters

    This question is driving me crazy. I can’t find mention of it in any conversation path during the rendezvous, with Natali, at MC’s apartment.

  15. Guys Please Help

    I can’t get past the mom in the flat after you see her on the dildo with the aunt. No matter what I can’t fuck here. Help?!

  16. I complete this “Mother Seduction – Version 0.13” but there is only 3 SEX scene with “sister celine , Kelly, And Cassie “

  17. Stuck at game like many other here in flat after you se mom with dildo with aunt. I have even played game 4 times from scrach and countless times tried to tweek absulutely every question and boost to perfection.

  18. Hello, i cannot get past the hotelroom scene with mom. It is about practicing kissing. There are two options “kiss her tenderly” and “pull her over with force”. Both options lead to game over. Please help!

  19. How do I not give Natali 30%? All options lead to 30% regardless of choice.

  20. when we go to Natalie after Zoe sent us,
    we take a package of sorts and give her some tip.
    then she takes us towards the room and we automatically decline and the game ends. I’m stuck!
    No matter what I do it always ends the same
    can anyone help plz?

  21. What the h***l have you done to this game/novel? You completely screwed it up and ruined it. What´s all this bull with Zoe and the b**ch taking over the tanning salon? If I can´t kill her at least let me throw her out on her but. Things were ok till version 0.14, but the changes in 0.15 is CRAP!!!!!!! Remove it at once and get the story back to where it was before you decided to go nuts with excessive bla bla bla that has no purpose or point. NOT cool what you did!

  22. In the new flat
    Mom saying (my moral standard won’t let me do such things)
    Sorry I can’t .I feel perverted

    What the heck
    Guys please help

  23. It says you did something totslly wrong game over i dont know what to do i fucked kelly got bj from sister and the massage girl and after that i got that message i tried backing but cant find what to do please help

  24. I’m keep getting stuck after the date with Natali. Mom keeps saying something about a moral standard.
    Help plz

  25. Can you please help me im stuck. Every time i encounter spider it ends up being busted. Cannyou help me please. Thanks.

      1. Help
        Tried it and it didn’t work for me: Holiday, Crime and Punishment, Jazz, Cruel Intentions a tip of $100. I still get a fail.

  26. I’m stuck,
    I’m in. My appartment with Natalie and she asked me 3 questions. What are the answers?

    1. How to pass mom in apartment…it end there with her moral down…ut displayed turning point…help please

  27. Can anyone help me with the scenario of mom coming to the new flat. The game ends up even after selecting all the answers. I don’t know why. Please help me

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