Milf’s Tale – Version 0.3

In the Milf’s tale game you are going to help Alice who is already 34 years old and raised a daughter on her own but has no work experience and her social skills aren`t good as well.
It is up to you whether Alice will find a well-paid job and a loved one or will break bad and start living for the moment.
Don`t forget about your daughter, Chloe, who really needs you in her age of 18.
You can`t control her directly but your conversations will affect her life directly and indirectly.‚Äč

2 thoughts on “Milf’s Tale – Version 0.3

  1. milf for me, must to have at least 40yo… 34 old yo milf makes no sense for me…

    1. You realize milf means mom I would like to fuck right? it doesn’t imply age just that she is a mom…

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