Man Of The House – Version 0.9.3 Extra

In this game you will play as a young adult, who is living together with his attractive (step*)mother and 2 hot (step*)sisters, in a city filled with even more gorgeous women!

Each NPC has their own storyline and you get to decide when and where you would like to explore and which girl you want to pursue. Every update will expand on existing storylines, but also on adding new locations, girls, jobs, events, etc.

* Depending on your preferences.


Hey guys, here’s the new version! This update mainly focuses on progressing Debby’s story.
I have big plans for the new location and it will involve multiple girls and their storylines in the future.
I hope you’ll like it!
New content
Extended the new event chain for Debby with several scenes.
Extended one of Emma’s event chains (with 4 new animations).
Added a new location.
Added a new travel event.
Added a cosplay collectable.
Bug fixes
Fixed a lot of minor bugs and typos again. Thanks for all the feedback & bug reports guys!
Extra version
Added some bonus images to the extra version.
Have fun with the new version! Feedback is appreciated, as always!

196 thoughts on “Man Of The House – Version 0.9.3 Extra

  1. How to save the game? Or each time new beginning? Can´t find a spot to save the game!

  2. Downloaded the file and it appears to load at first. However, at the initial warning screen where there are two buttons called “Continue” and “Exit”, neither one of them seems to do anything. I’ve tried clicking on both and nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. i seem to have made a wrong choice when starting the game. Now i play a boy living with a landlady and two roommates. Is there a way to change that to mother and two sisters?

    1. Patreon has started cracking down on porn games involving incest. Hence a similar thing has recently happened to Dating my Daughter… Long short short, I really hope that the creators of games like this will break away from Patreon and form a similar system. A pipe dream, most likely, but one that is infinitely preferable to seeing all these creators bowing their heads to the moral guardian fuckheads of Patreon in my opinion.

    1. You need to give Veronica’s panties to Amy before you can talk her into giving you the massage oil.

  4. How to win the challenges as gym instructor and pizza delivery?
    Trying a million times and nothing works. Too little experience?
    Or which options to choose? Job level 3 always locked.
    Always missing the goal. How to get done? Please help!

      1. had just problems with pizza lady, even if i had 73% chance she denied
        i lower the anger smiley to 0 and then it worked with only 54% too

        1. Lower anger smily to 0 actually works better but not perfect. Thanks.
          But how to finally unlock job level 3? Only after last customer on job level 2 done?

  5. How can I take shower just before stepmother, so we bump into each other on the hallway?
    I tried to wake up at 6:59, because at 7:00 she`s already there….but do not work…and even if I take shower first, we don´t bump into each when I get out to de hallway….someone please tell me..

    1. It’s not the morning shower. It’s the one at night after dinner. After she washes the dishes, she goes upstairs and takes a shower. You need to be leaving the bathroom as she comes up.

      As soon as you finish eating, go upstairs and shower. If it doesn’t trigger, shower until it does.

  6. How to find mom´s briefcase? Time and location? Address of mom´s job? Please help!

    1. Weekday mornings in the living room on the sofa. To find the address, you need to use the “Google” app on the phone and search for her employer.

  7. Anyone knows whats the walkthrough for veronica date ? I cant seem to get it right even after trying more than 10 times.

    1. – 17.00 PM invite Her for a date – send a text options
      if she blushes – tell her she looks beautiful
      if she looks at you seductively – tell her she looks very sexy
      if she comes out smiling – tell her she looks amazing
      Gift Flowers
      blonde Ignore her and – 2nd Date look Veronica instead achievements Photographic memory if she says she knows what to order – let her order first
      if she says she’s not sure – order first to give her time to decide
      if she doesn’t know what to order – order for both
      it’s my treat
      (The night is young )
      creamy, not light – mudslide
      creamy, not strong – irish coffee
      tropical, not strong – pina colada
      tropical, not light – daiquiri
      Casino Game
      Jacks – Split
      5 & 6 – Double up
      6 & 4 – Hit

      1. Movie date with Ashley

        She looks hot = Kiss her on the lips
        She looks nervous = Give her a hug
        She looks happy = Give her a kiss on the cheek

        Give her a teddy bear

        I’m sure you will pick something fun = Meet the Sisters
        I’m sure you will pick something I will like = The Notepad
        I’m sure you’ll pick something exciting! = The Crawling Dead

        (4 hearts)

        Something hot and salty = Hot Dog
        Something sweet and crunchy = Popcorn
        Something salty and crunchy = Nachos
        Something cold and sweet = Ice cream

        Something plain and simple = Water
        Something warm and sweet = Hot chocolate
        Something cold and sweet = Coke
        Surprise me = Wine

        Let me guess, you don’t like the movie either? = Nah, I think it’s pretty boring.
        This movie is great! Don’t you think so? = Oh, I do! I think it’s great!
        What do you think of the movie? = It’s ok, I guess…I just like looking at you more…

        Kiss her

        Put your hand on her leg

        (6 hearts)


        Dinner date with Veronica

        Before dinner:

        She smiles at me = You look amazing!
        She blushes a little = You look beautiful!
        She gives me a seductive look = You look very sexy!

        [give flowers]

        (3 hearts)

        At the restaurant:

        (blonde from the health club)

        You can choose either:

        Ignore her


        Look at Veronica instead (you get a close up of Veronica’s cleavage)

        I think I know what I’m getting = Ladies first.
        Um, I have no idea what I should get = Order for the both of you.
        I’m not sure what to order yet = Go first.

        Drop your fork

        No, it’s my treat, but thanks for offering!

        (3 hearts)

        Well, the night is still young!

        At the casino:

        Something creamy, but not too light = Mudslide
        Something creamy, but not too strong = Irish coffee
        Something tropical, but not too strong = Piña Colada
        Something tropical, but not too light = A Daiquiri

        5 and a 6 = Double Down
        Pair of Jacks = Split
        6 and 4 = Hit

        Put your hand between her legs

        (4 hearts)

        1. is there a walkthrough on how to get more stars with each character ??

        2. does anyone know why the casino Tab doesnt come out even if u have 6 hearts??

  8. Maybe who of you knows how to make the pictures of Veronica for Amy as proof?

    1. She has to be in the MC’s bedroom wearing the blindfold and handcuffs. Then you can send the picture to Amy.

  9. I cannot get the 6th event of Veronica where it says that, I can reward her in her bedroom. what should I do? please, help!

    T.I.A. 🙂

  10. I cannot safe my game. The starting page has a lock on the continue button too. Anyone figered this out yet?

    1. You may have to delete your old saves and start from the beginning.

      The saved games are found in C:\Man of the house v0.7.4c (extra)\Savegames

      I would also suggest you see if the saved game files are “hidden” or “read only”. If that’s the case, remove the files attributes.

    1. I believe there’s an update coming out tomorrow but I have been unable to verify that.

      1. An update has been released (0.7.5b)..

        Change log
        Fixed dinner and wake up service.

        New content
        Added a new location.
        Added a new NPC.
        Added a new dialog with Ashley (introducing 2 future NPC’s).
        Note: this will move you to your bedroom if you are past this point, as this will normally trigger after the evening with mom.
        Added a new event for Ashley and Veronica.
        Added a new event for Emma.
        Extended an exisiting event chain for Claire (with a new animation).
        Spying on Veronica in the bathroom shows an updated dialog.
        Added a new batch of cosplay collectable images.
        Added a new feature to see the dialog history (up to a limited amount of lines).
        Sleeping no longer increases stress.
        Bug fixes
        Updated/corrected several hints.
        Travel speeds are now adjusted according to the selected mode of transportation.
        Removed the flickering of NPC’s when clicking fast.
        Mood lock times are now reduced correctly during events.
        Dinner at the restaurant with Veronica and with Claire at home, now decreases your hunger.
        The tooltip now resets after loading a game.
        Removed a bug that caused memories to trigger twice.
        Spacebar no longer makes dialogs skip.
        Remembering scenes from the city map, no longer causes the map show over the scene.
        Veronica no longer disappears from her room after doing a chore.
        Veronica now responds appropriately when discussing your/her chore during dinner.
        Veronica now properly awards stats after a date with a score of 8.
        Veronica’s dialog now triggers correctly, when giving her the maid outfit.
        Veronica’s bathroom event can’t be triggered twice in a row anymore, preventing a bug in her progress.
        Veronica now actually stays at home, when she has taken the night off from work.
        Veronica’s punishment now increases time accordingly.
        Claire no longer mentions the beach event, if it hasn’t been triggered yet.
        Claire’s titjob event no longer triggers the default event, right after.
        Sophia now goes into the dressing room after she finished her workout.
        Sophia no longer joins in the sauna on Saturday.
        You can no longer buy the concert tickets before they are mentioned during dinner.
        Fixed a bug causing the timeout value for needs to drop, while increasing them.
        Fixed a bug with playing background music.
        Fixed a lot of minor bugs and typos again. Thanks for all the feedback & bug reports guys!
        Extra version
        Added some more bonus images to the extra version.
        Fixed a bug with locking and unlocking needs.

  11. maybe i can talk to both ashley and veronica, if they are both at home in the afrernoon
    help guide

    1. You’ll need to have the concert tickets when you talk to them in the afternoon in the foyer.

          1. For some strange reason, the walkthrough for the latest version (0.7.5b) doesn’t contain information about the concert tickets. So I don’t know if that’s been removed from the game or inadvertently omitted from the walkthrough.

            So if you have trouble with this part of the game after using my suggestion, let me know and I’ll start from the beginning and guide you from that point. At least that way I’ll know if it’s still part of the mini quest or removed from the game.

  12. I need help writing a second email from Dr. Diane Mattheus, I wrote with 100 options nothing fits.

    1. 1.Dear confused landlady 2.Him to distance himself 3.Is someone he can
      talk to and trust 4.Will let go of your own inhibitions 5.The person he trusts
      most of all 6.Teaching him about sex 7.Dr. Dianne Matthews.

      1. 1. Dr. Matthews
        2. Dear confused landlady
        3. It’s perfectly normal
        4. Do not deny
        5. There’s nothing wrong with being intimate with someone you love
        6. That you feel comfortable
        7. Dr. Diane Matthews.

          1. As of right now, there is no 3rd email that I’m aware of. It’s not in the walkthrough.

  13. Anybody know wher i can buy ticket for the concert, and candles please?

    1. Walk the streets in the evening from place to place until you find someone with the concert tickets and the candles, if I remember correctly, should be in the kitchen in one of the drawers.

  14. what time and when should I give up pants weroniki amy?to exchange for massage oil?

    1. I don’t believe there is a set time for this. As long as Amy is at the health club, you should be able to give her Veronica’s panties.

  15. I’m asking for help. I miss three stars to finish the scene at the cinema. I’m spinning around and I can not move. I do not have any idea that Sophia would get into a sauna.

      1. your link is death 🙁 does someone has the newest walkthrough here? please 🙂

  16. hello I can save but when I click on continue to resume my game that’s wrong it is lock.
    how can I save and resume my game later?

    1. Copy and paste your saves from the previous version’s “savegames” folder to the latest version’s “savegames” folder.

      Example: C:\Man of the House x\savegames to C:\Man of the House y\savegames

    1. Click on the phone in the lower left-hand corner. The down arrow is for saving your game, the up arrow is for loading your game.

  17. I can not do yoga with my mom, what do I have to do? help me
    in v.0.7.5

    1. You have to meet with her on the rooftop at 6:00 in the morning during the weekdays.

      1. i was there (many times) but i dont have the option to do it with her 🙁

  18. I always have problems “find thief” (to complete achievements, especially “run the thief”)….do you know when and where is biggest chance meet him?

    1. Start walking from place to place beginning at 18:00. He appears in random areas, so you’ll just have to keep looking. But make sure you travel by walking only.

  19. I can not do yoga with my mom, she tells me that these exercises are very advanced and that I better see her on Saturday with my sister.

    What else do I have to do.

    1. You’ll need to get your strength up by visiting the gym and working out.

  20. When it comes to fashion its all about the right choices that way everybody wins…..for ashley is this but where what is this help???

  21. I need help writing a third email from Dr. Diane Mattheus how can i write it please help

  22. can anyone tell me how to buy the Tuxedo when i want to date with veronica? because i went to mall, there’s no tuxedo at all.
    I’m still playing v0.6.9

  23. Sex animations doesn’t work on my pc… Game gets stuck there… There is plus and minus sign on the right side. But nothing happens

  24. hello .how can I find panty of big roommate?? How can I contact with Amy for oil???

  25. why i can’t invite Amy to a drink? when i am talking to ther, she says everytime again that she has to work 🙁

  26. Is this for Android download if so how please help really want to play man of the house

  27. Something went wrong with the saturay yoga training with the girls. i have used the cheat to get max strength (50) but i can’t train more then 10 strength.
    so i tried to train, but nothing changes when i train. do that mean i have to reset everything and start again without cheat?

  28. help me with 3rd mail any one i have tried since two day .got nothing

  29. how to find the movie theater?
    also the walk through says give lingerie to ashely in bedroom. But where to buy that lingerie? no options at mall

  30. I’m stuck on Claire with trying to help her with yoga. I have went to several Saturday morning yoga sessions. I have 50 strength. But, every time I go to help on her at 6:00 am, she says I need to come to the Saturday session. Am I missing some other event somewhere?

    1. Monday thru Friday, choose the other option, came to see how you are doing, need help?

      1. “Michael July 30, 2018
        Monday thru Friday, choose the other option, came to see how you are doing, need help?”
        Jesus H Christ that took me 50 days to figure out.

  31. the game is unable to write to the savegame diretory.
    1. install the game in a directory with write access.
    2. try running the game as administrator.
    3. make sure your virus software is not blocking the game.

    hello someone knows how to resolve kindly, thanks in advance and good game to all.

  32. please comlpete walktrought date with mom (claire) i cant do it….:( thanks

  33. Making this brief as to not give anything away.
    Where is the park. Is it suppose to be on map. Been there in a story line but unlike other places you found it never unlocked on map. I now need to go there and can’t.

  34. Hi i’m stuck, i want give concert tickets but i cant, girls are never both, only for eat and it don’t work. i have waited in all entrance room, nothing happen … ashley don’t ask me for her bikini too… help please

  35. I’m stuck on yoga with my mother. I can not unlock the first dialogue option at the end. I have these 80 points

  36. Can’t trigger Amy’s 4th star event. She’s always busy working when I try to have another drink with her.

  37. I’m stuck on playing tennis in the week-end with Debby and Sophia didn’t appear.

      1. and others can not invite the ashleey, I have already asked her and I have to try another weekend. But I did not ask her.

  38. Hi all, please where and when to speak with veronica about arrest?
    thank you very much

  39. HI boys,
    I want to ask. I found in the room that I should look for a park in the evening, but I do not know what to do. I walked through the city, then passed but nothing but the park I found. Thank you for your help

  40. why Veronica part in calling mike at the police didn’t played in version 8.1?
    what should I do?

  41. And next bug:
    if veronica arrest and i no pay ,i go home an in bed is veronica

  42. hi everyone,
    great game i like it , have a problem at the vault for amy and emma,
    have anyone a idea to fix it?

  43. version 8.1
    i got a loop wen i visit Emma in the vauld, keeps repeting the introduction off the vauld

  44. Anyone knows whats the walkthrough for MOM date ? I cant seem to get it right even after trying more than 10 times. version 0.8.1

  45. version 0.8.3

    i got a loop wen i visit Emma in the vauld, keeps repeting the introduction off the vauld.
    this game is very good but unfortunately I’m not making progress with Auntie Emma because of this loop whenever I visit it, I do not have that thing, how can I fix it?

  46. I didnt see news with Urban Angel and i cant find her. Can enyone help. And date with Mom. Please

  47. I´m the only one who don’t see mom on the roof? … I woke up at 6:15 and she’s not there

  48. Im stuck on 80 love 65 arousal with ashley and the hint is stuck on how i like to grind her during the night even though ive done it a bunch. any suggestions?

    1. Having the same problem. Thought maybe it could be because I needed to work on Sofia so I did, but now her hint just says I should improve my relationship with Ashley.
      From old walkthroughs I can see that I should get a message from Ashley in the weekend when she is at the mall with Sofia, telling me to go there, but I don’t get that… All the hint says is the thing about loving to wake up next to her in the morning. Have done that a bunch of times, both naked and with shorts and I did every other action with her that I could find.
      No idea how to go on from there… :/

    2. This helped for me:

      Open the Flags Console in the “cheat app” on your phone
      Select Ashley
      Scroll down to “scared_at_night_level”
      Change “4” to “3”
      Sleep naked with door not open

  49. Is there a way to return in a conversation? Like if you press by accident, you can go back

  50. Install this game and when execute it starts to load and then just get white screen. Please help.

  51. I’m finding a bug in v0.8.5b (extra). At beach with Emma with tanning oil. After Emma replies with “Really? Could you apply some on my back?” You click “Of course” and everyone minus Emma and immediate gets kicked to the house while adding Sophia. This is the next task to unlock for Emma. I just unlocked helping Sophia at the gym.

  52. Xmas edition walkthrough (V 0.8.6 Extra)
    – Check on Veronica.
    – Scold her.
    – Check on Ashley.
    – “It’s alright, I guess…”
    – Check on Mom/Claire.
    – Check on Veronica.
    – “That depends…”
    – Get Ashley a glass of red wine.
    – Read the message.
    – Get Veronica a Manhattan.
    – Get Mom/Claire an Irish coffee.
    – Go to my room.

  53. Hi all,
    I can’t complete the Saturday yoga session (the one with Mom, Ashley and Veronica).
    After I’ve pressed three times “continue the exercise”, I can only choose to “give up” when yoga becomes too hard for my character.
    The screen shows another option, that I haven’t unlocked yet.
    I”m already an overachiever with all 3 girls (maximum stats, all events completedincluding dates ). So, I really don’t know what else to do to unlock that option.
    Can you help?

    1. There’s no more content for that as of yet. But just to make sure, check their achievements to see if they’re at 100%.

  54. now it’s a lot better to play, Aunt Emma’s bug has been fixed, new paths have been released on the map and several other options. now I just copy and save the save game for future updates, excellent game thanks to the creator.

  55. Is there a walkthru that is mostly current? I have found 0.6.9b, but it doesn’t match the current game version very well. It provides a little insight that helps, but most things are not correct in relation to current version 0.8.7 so it only helps to act as a general guide.

  56. after the tennis court and health club training whenever I meet Debbie she is talking to Megan at the police station and the game crashes the scene of their talking get repeated again and again without stopping and the game doesn’t go forward.
    Please help me.

    1. The only thing that I can think of that may be causing this is a corrupted or buggy save. Try starting a new game and see if the problem occurs. Or feel free to visit Faerin’s Discord and post your save in the #help channel.

  57. If i have the version 0.8.7 full complete, i need play all this again? or maybe i can continue with the last save?

    1. No, you don’t need to start over again if you’re playing 0.8.7. You can copy your “savegames” folder from 0.8.7 and paste into 0.8.8 and you can continue from there.

  58. Hey all – I cant get the panties off on veronica maid quest – any help please?

    1. Veronica’s stats should be at 0 love/5 arousal/40 submission.

      Her hint should also say, “Bah, there’s a lot of laundry…maybe I should tell her to do it.”

      Once you get her stats to that point, give her the laundry chore at 10am and check on her at noon. She should be sitting down on the bathroom floor with clothes scattered everywhere.

  59. So I just downloaded the game and for some reason, the picture won’t show. Any advice?

  60. I am never given the opportunity to give Emma the Nuru gel. How can I give it to here?

    1. Go back to the sex shop and try buying the nuru gel again (even though you already have it in your inventory). After your conversation with the clerk, go back to the health club at noon on a weekday and see Emma. The option to ask for a nuru massage should be there.

  61. Please anybody help with CLAIRE … MOM museum DATE
    Have anybody guide for this date ?

    1. Could you elaborate? What exactly isn’t working? Are you not able to play the game at all, not able to load your saves or not able to see the animated scenes?

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