Lily of the Valley – Version 1.0 Fix 3

As longtime players of rpg maker games (especially NTR) we would like to introduce you to the game on which we have been working for a long time.

We don’t want to reveal too much so as not to spoil it for you, but our main goal was to depict the life of a recently married couple.

You will be playing the role of “Lily” and making decisions about the course her life will take.

2 thoughts on “Lily of the Valley – Version 1.0 Fix 3

  1. HELP!
    So I have been fired from the Diner and I go to Castor for the secretary position…
    I get interviewed where one guy gives me a list of things I need to learn to get the job and then I exit and nothing happens…
    From what I have read there is some secretary that is supposed to ask for my help getting something from her appartment, but nothing trickers…
    I cant speak to the secretary or anything…. When I go out I can do nothing other than go home and do the garden watch movie and then go to bed…
    The next day I can do nothing again can’t work at the bar and can’t go to castor again… Is this a bug or am I missing something?? Please help

  2. so where the fuck is Nichole’s house. been wandering forever to find it with no luck

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