Lewd Island – Day 6

After a plane crash you and your daughter find yourselves on an abandoned island.
Will help arrive?
Were there other survivors?
What will happen?
You play and YOU decide!


More than 200 new images
10 new animations
New dialogues

2 thoughts on “Lewd Island – Day 6

  1. The grapichs are good (remeber A LOT dating my daughter), but sadly i did not found the “You play and YOU decide!” part… i played about a 15 minuts and i dont saw any relevant choice to make, is just text, text and more texts… like a “movie game”, you click, and the game tells you a story.
    Its an “OK” game.

    sorry for my english.

  2. This game is horribly boring. If you can even call it a game, more like an interactive movie. It’s like they threw really good graphics at a story being made up on the spot. A shit story too. Nothing really to it other than things basically taken from the “Cast Away” movie (plane crash, only survivors, etc.) . Played through to day 5 and nothing of even the smallest interest, has happened. You also see very little nudity. The bare minimum to even call this an “adult” game. I don’t recommend if you’re wanting a good, fun sexy story. But if you have plenty of time to kill, go for it.

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