Lewd Island – Day 6 Full

After a plane crash you and your daughter find yourselves on an abandoned island.
Will help arrive?
Were there other survivors?
What will happen?
You play and YOU decide!


188 new images
3 new animation
New dialogues

4 thoughts on “Lewd Island – Day 6 Full

  1. The grapichs are good (remeber A LOT dating my daughter), but sadly i did not found the “You play and YOU decide!” part… i played about a 15 minuts and i dont saw any relevant choice to make, is just text, text and more texts… like a “movie game”, you click, and the game tells you a story.
    Its an “OK” game.

    sorry for my english.

  2. This game is horribly boring. If you can even call it a game, more like an interactive movie. It’s like they threw really good graphics at a story being made up on the spot. A shit story too. Nothing really to it other than things basically taken from the “Cast Away” movie (plane crash, only survivors, etc.) . Played through to day 5 and nothing of even the smallest interest, has happened. You also see very little nudity. The bare minimum to even call this an “adult” game. I don’t recommend if you’re wanting a good, fun sexy story. But if you have plenty of time to kill, go for it.

  3. What does the LewdIsland-0.6-release.apk file do to the game and do I put that in the game directory?

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