Foot Of The Mountains – Version 1.1

You play as Daniel , who returned home to find his parents murdered… Not knowing how to handle the situation, he decided to accept the invitation of William, the partner of his father, and thought it’s best for him to move and live with them temporarily, until the investigation is done. Unbeknownst to him, moving will lead him closer to finding out the clues of the murder, and maybe finding the love of his life…​


Some events with Melinda are made a little easier.
Added a time advance option.
Changed the opportunities screen, it is going to be improved as we go.
New scenes with Melinda (Tennis. Return from Aurelia… )
New scenes with Rhonda (Showing you around after washing the dishes. In her room…)
Neighbor work.
Few scenes fixing the toilet.

3 thoughts on “Foot Of The Mountains – Version 1.1

  1. I don’t know if its just the android version or what but when you try to spy on Melinda for the second time it quits the game

  2. hi, Ive been playing the game for a few days, it’s ok but has anyone seen a walkthrough?

  3. how and when can anyone set a ‘stone trap’ when looking for eggs, also how do I gain massage points?
    any answers appreciated

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