Ethan’s Legacy – Extra Content – 3 Episodes

Currently Released Extras and If Stories are in this file:

1) Extra 01 : The Morning Glory

Synopsis : Gina discovered something about the male anatomy when she woke up in the morning before her dear brother. Determined to find out the truth, She set out to ask her female colleagues what it truly is, and of course, to please her brother.

Genre : Masturbation, Hand job

2) Extra 02 : The Movie Night

Synopsis: The three family members are planning another movie night. Gina and Mom are planning something else, however….

Genre : Threesome, Masturbation, MFF

3) IF 01 : The New Model

Synopsis : A new model has just been accepted in your company and you are the designated manager. You’re pretty sure that you both have never met each other before, but.. Why does she feel so familiar?

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