Eros Academy – Version 2.05

Eros Academy is a Adult Game planning to cover a very wide variety of kinks/fetishes. The basic idea of the game is that, some years in the future, a new company founds an institution called Eros Academy. This academy offers both a place for people to learn about their sexuality, and a safe haven to practice that sexuality.​

Changelog 2.05:

– A new Location, the Stables (Found via Go Somewhere in the Main Hallway Menu)

– Ponyplay events at the Stables. Have Faith train to be a ponygirl and participate in Ponygirl races (with multiple results depending on Faith’s Fitness Score)

– Work at the Academy(Find the new option via the Main Hallway Menu)! There are four jobs(Maid, Model, Scenario Actress, Dungeon Dom), some with unlock conditions. Which job you get is random until each has been done at least once.

– Attend a new class, Intro to Bondage. If Faith meets the requirements, she can volunteer to the demonstration model…or she can stand back and watch the instructor take that role…

– A few bugfixes for long-standing but not game-ending issues.

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