Amity Park – Version 0.4.2

Amity Park is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel game based on Danny Phantom.


Unlock All Scenes = Jack_F_Rulez
200 Money = Money_200
100 Orgone = Morah_Orgone
999 HP = HP_999
Collectibles = Chaos&Purity
Unlock Desiree’s Outfits = Desiree_XXX

4 thoughts on “Amity Park – Version 0.4.2

  1. hi im a big fan of this game wen is a full version of this game and how much whil cost and sory for my english ty

    1. I believe it will be free. most games made in this manner are done for free and use things like patreon to earn money by offering supporters early access to each release and patreon exclusive releases as well as things like cheats and walkthroughs

    2. it seems like it will be free. at least according to the patreon page. you can gain early access to the game by pledging money there

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